In today’s marketplace, if you want to increase your sales and attract more clients, you need to use video. Increasingly, consumers prefer to view video rather than read text. In fact, video traffic is” expected to be 69 percent of all Internet traffic by 2017″, according to the Cisco Visual Networking Index.

Video Real Estate Tours have VISUAL IMPACT. Video not only helps sell listings fast, but also saves time and travel expense by allowing prospective buyers to preview properties before scheduling a showing, narrowing the choice to the most suitable properties.

VIDEO MAKES A STRONGER IMPRESSION: A “Virtual Tour” is NOT THE SAME as a Video Tour. A video tour involves more than simply stitching together a few photos. It’s not unusual for a potential buyer to watch a real video over and over, convincing themselves to make the purchase. Video adds a dimension that still pictures, “virtual tours” or photo albums simply can’t match.

Our video tours can range between 1-5 minutes depending on size of the property.  We use the latest equipment and video editing software to create videos of the highest quality.  Each video is branded to the agent or company and accompanied with a music soundtrack.

PRICE $3oo*

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