Once reserved only for high-stakes commercial real estate listings, aerial photography is quickly becoming a popular marketing tool in residential real estate. Aerial photography allows buyers to view the scale and context of the property.

Drones have made aerial photography and video less expensive, easier to coordinate, and more widely-available. As residential agents discover the power of showing a different angle, this service is becoming more commonplace. With so many amateur hobbyists offering aerial shots, put your trust in a company founded in professional real estate media. Our aerials are not only a means of communication, but a truly beautiful work of art.

Need Realty uses the latest in radio controlled aircraft, commonly called drones or UAVs, which are equipped with high definition cameras to capture amazing aerial photos and videos. With multiple UAVs and the latest in production technology – currently 4K, we have created a versatile and efficient Unmanned Aerial System (UAS).

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