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We have seen numerous real estate clients of ours achieve the highest of awards in real estate while using Need Realty's marketing tools. Many have become industry leaders while many others have become significantly more successful. Need Media has also provided companies with our services in so many other industries. Hospitality, transportation, manufacturing, landscaping, health and wellness, music and legal services are all examples of industries where we have experienced healthy and successful relationships with satisfied clients.


Need Realty was founded in 2001 by two individuals, Nick Christopher and Doug Dyck. They then realized of the importance internet would have on real estate. In turn, they decided that they could provide real estate professionals with custom, state-of-the-art platforms which would represent their identities, more importantly, represent the quality of their own service to their clients. As technology has changed, so have their strategies. Throughout Need Realty’s existence, Nick and Doug have also done work for companies outside the real estate world. Need Media was introduced in recent years to reflect this fact.


The future is bright for Need Media. We have met so many great individuals, many of whom became our clients. These clients have put their trust in Need Media and our products and service. We value this trust more than they can imagine. As a result, we continue to stay innovative by introducing new product lines which allow our clients to have 'cutting edge' marketing presence on the internet. We also continue to ensure the service we provide our clients is top priority.

"The website is absolutely perfect. You managed to keep the feel of our old restaurant and the culture that people grew to love, and executed the feel and look of our new restaurant with precision. Thank you once again, so much for all the suggestions and walking us through what turned out to be a fantastic working experience. You guys nailed it. I would highly recommend your services to anyone."
Dana Carter - Mossimo’s Pizza

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